Little Bear

We Are All One

Month: January, 2014

them apples

“Money. It doesn’t grow on trees…”

Yes, it does.

They are called apples and peaches and pears, if you please.

And money is not required.

They are free for the taking.

A bountiful world.

Will you learn how to care for it?

Little Bear


fear, an apology

You see I am fear
I don’t know what else to be
I drew the short straw
can you please help,
can you please set me free?

I would if I could
assuage your heart with a flower,
but I seem only able to
cause pain, overwhelm and disempower.

I am sure in these wretched caverns
lies a heart made of gold –
Why did love get the good stuff,
and I am left bloody,
thirsty and cold?

I should like to be worthy
I should like to be love,
but be careful of my malingering
I fit like a glove.

I am sorry I exist
and that I blind and curdle your vision
I would change your fate if I could,
and leave humanity
free of my stench –
guarded and imprisoned.

I too wish I could escape
this terrible curse
I would if I could…
I would dance on my hearse!

But that is your job,
my friend, foe or enemy,
to find your way past my reason
climb your Everest of love
sow new seeds…
it is time now,
to herald in a whole new season.

It won’t necessarily be easy
I’ll probably fight right to the end
but I am powerless to the truth
And (btw) I feel quite sure
(of my wretched fear)
Love will stand
a better chance, in the end

So be of good cheer
I (truthfully) have nothing to offer,
you’re smarter than me
… and just quietly,
by you,
I really am quite besotted.

Little Bear x



I will chew at your heart
I will burn through your soul
I will destroy your endeavours
I will lie, cheat and addle your mind

I will divide, kill and conquer
I will tear up your shores,
Gallipoli, Armenia, Rwanda,
it matters not,
you will not know,
what any of it is for…

I am the drug that bludgeons
it’s way through your veins,
providing “reasonable” excuse,
to deceive, deprive and lie.

I am the wrinkle in the shirt
that detracts from the whole
I will, will your will
I am a deadly little mole.

The gloss will be lost
paint will dry and crack and thicken,
burning in the mid-day sun
your will unto me,
you are stricken.

The tide will run out
and race back to shore,
blind to my danger
onto you, my wave, I will implore.

You are blinded and confused,
such is my power
even the gentlest of hearts,
I will consume and dismember.

And of all the things
Churchill once said
the only thing to fear, is fear
but fear not,
to look upon me with dread.

So heed my warning, unto you now
but do your best,
your very best,
to never give me your power.

For I feed on the bottom
I will take as much as I can
my hunger knows no limits,
if you could –
you should ensure that I am banned.

But listen even further
there is more now my dear friend
for the flow of this wave,
the tide of my force
I can be, stemmed.

For fear is my name
your power you give to me
but love my dear foe
will each and every time,

Set you free.

Little Bear


The extraordinary stillness

of the quiet resounds,

A purple eclipse

by the moon;

she is spellbound


Tortured and scorned

but burning no more,

the gentle heart sways.


Has she been restored?


Gentle is the light

that illuminates the soul;

Yet, the school

it swam,

and beached themselves on-shore.


… so listen for the rhythm

of the quiet voice within

tortured and loose,

is the man who tries to fit in.


Swallow, shallow, dipping and diving

take flight now

follow your path,

to where your soul is guiding.


Little Bear x


there’s a hare in my head

There’s a hare in my head

he’s running around,

who let him loose?

scurrilous little hound.


He’s creating quite a raucous

I wish he would shut up,

why the hell won’t he settle down?

Why doesn’t he ever JUST give up?!


He’s scaring me blind

with his senseless wanderings,

trying to impress upon me

with his unhelpful badgering.


Oh hear now! He’s clawing at my reason

fooling me it is winter,

when in fact, it is summer in season.

By god, he’s a tricky little shit

willing me to please him…wtf!>?

… causing me to act against my better self,


this must be treason?


His hurtful thoughts,

Addle my mind, body and soul

Oh, shut up you bothersome creature

Go away,

Bugger off

And, bloody well, leave me alone!


Oh, watch out you little bugger

I’ll find and end to you yet

I shall show you the power

of love’s force great force,

and better yet…


You will beg for my forgiveness

And beg I set you free

Imploring unto me:


“For I were just like you, a’fore,

someone caged me in captivity.”


And there’s a hare in your head

you have the same curse

ranting different nonsense

but no better, and no worse.


Little Bear x



If I could catch the moment

I would set it alight

Gift it to the heavens –

See it now, there

that star;

the one that burns so bright.


Little Bear x


the Poets

We are the Poets

We see in words

Our vision is song

We drift in the shadows

Harbouring our hurts


they can be painted in verse.


Little Bear x


we are all one

The inexplicable dominion of Oneness

Of All that Is

that joins Each of Us to the Other


I am the wind in the trees
the sun on your face,
the birds in the skies
I know no haste.

Measure the time that it would take to know me
now triple it again, and again
multiply it to the power of nine
and now to the power of three.

I am an ocean in the sand
in a puddle by the sea
I am what connects all of us
to each other,

to you, and you, and you, and you, and you and me.

I am here for the taking
there is no need to rehearse
I am the source of all wonder
– there is no demand and no pledge –
loosen you belt straps,
let go of your purse.

For my songs of love
are writ in the sky
lie back and ponder
there is no duality
as between you, and as of, I

I will whisper to you quietly
for the truth to be heard,
willing you and us together
understand now,
our destinies are merged,

For we are all now, and forever shall be, One

Little Bear x