we are all one

by Little Bear

The inexplicable dominion of Oneness

Of All that Is

that joins Each of Us to the Other


I am the wind in the trees
the sun on your face,
the birds in the skies
I know no haste.

Measure the time that it would take to know me
now triple it again, and again
multiply it to the power of nine
and now to the power of three.

I am an ocean in the sand
in a puddle by the sea
I am what connects all of us
to each other,

to you, and you, and you, and you, and you and me.

I am here for the taking
there is no need to rehearse
I am the source of all wonder
– there is no demand and no pledge –
loosen you belt straps,
let go of your purse.

For my songs of love
are writ in the sky
lie back and ponder
there is no duality
as between you, and as of, I

I will whisper to you quietly
for the truth to be heard,
willing you and us together
understand now,
our destinies are merged,

For we are all now, and forever shall be, One

Little Bear x