there’s a hare in my head

by Little Bear

There’s a hare in my head

he’s running around,

who let him loose?

scurrilous little hound.


He’s creating quite a raucous

I wish he would shut up,

why the hell won’t he settle down?

Why doesn’t he ever JUST give up?!


He’s scaring me blind

with his senseless wanderings,

trying to impress upon me

with his unhelpful badgering.


Oh hear now! He’s clawing at my reason

fooling me it is winter,

when in fact, it is summer in season.

By god, he’s a tricky little shit

willing me to please him…wtf!>?

… causing me to act against my better self,


this must be treason?


His hurtful thoughts,

Addle my mind, body and soul

Oh, shut up you bothersome creature

Go away,

Bugger off

And, bloody well, leave me alone!


Oh, watch out you little bugger

I’ll find and end to you yet

I shall show you the power

of love’s force great force,

and better yet…


You will beg for my forgiveness

And beg I set you free

Imploring unto me:


“For I were just like you, a’fore,

someone caged me in captivity.”


And there’s a hare in your head

you have the same curse

ranting different nonsense

but no better, and no worse.


Little Bear x