fear, an apology

by Little Bear

You see I am fear
I don’t know what else to be
I drew the short straw
can you please help,
can you please set me free?

I would if I could
assuage your heart with a flower,
but I seem only able to
cause pain, overwhelm and disempower.

I am sure in these wretched caverns
lies a heart made of gold –
Why did love get the good stuff,
and I am left bloody,
thirsty and cold?

I should like to be worthy
I should like to be love,
but be careful of my malingering
I fit like a glove.

I am sorry I exist
and that I blind and curdle your vision
I would change your fate if I could,
and leave humanity
free of my stench –
guarded and imprisoned.

I too wish I could escape
this terrible curse
I would if I could…
I would dance on my hearse!

But that is your job,
my friend, foe or enemy,
to find your way past my reason
climb your Everest of love
sow new seeds…
it is time now,
to herald in a whole new season.

It won’t necessarily be easy
I’ll probably fight right to the end
but I am powerless to the truth
And (btw) I feel quite sure
(of my wretched fear)
Love will stand
a better chance, in the end

So be of good cheer
I (truthfully) have nothing to offer,
you’re smarter than me
… and just quietly,
by you,
I really am quite besotted.

Little Bear x