Little Bear

We Are All One

Month: May, 2014


Moggie bear
I was not there
In your moment of need
How selfish I feel
By my own fear

To survive my own hurts
To scared to be pulled down
Holding, on to each dear breathe
Scared, I would drown

In sorrow and loss
And despair my dear friend
But you needed me,
I’m sick with remorse
Right to the end

And if I could go back
and rewrite that very last verse
I would do it in an instant
Without hesitation
No need to rehearse

I would carve out a tune
And in my own words
I would ask you to please stay
For your parting was to soon

And I would give anything to change it
My old friend
For no one should leave this world,
in pain
And not knowing the love
of a dear old friend.

I’m sorry Moggie bear.

Little bear x


Who are you Not to be
the most remarkable person
you ever can be
– not your ego or thought forms –
and imaginings of a capitalist world

But your heart and your soul
your own manifestation of greatness,
Your unique reflection
of God here on earth

Your duty in this life –
to let us all see,
your exquisite and ethereal
magnificence and true worth.

Little bear x


By the trials of life

You will be forged into being

So go into the mist

With your eyes wide open

For it is within the darkness

That you will find your salvation

And afterwards,

remembering always,

to give thanks for your blessings.

Little Bear x