by Little Bear

Moggie bear
I was not there
In your moment of need
How selfish I feel
By my own fear

To survive my own hurts
To scared to be pulled down
Holding, on to each dear breathe
Scared, I would drown

In sorrow and loss
And despair my dear friend
But you needed me,
I’m sick with remorse
Right to the end

And if I could go back
and rewrite that very last verse
I would do it in an instant
Without hesitation
No need to rehearse

I would carve out a tune
And in my own words
I would ask you to please stay
For your parting was to soon

And I would give anything to change it
My old friend
For no one should leave this world,
in pain
And not knowing the love
of a dear old friend.

I’m sorry Moggie bear.

Little bear x