Little Bear

We Are All One

Month: October, 2014

spread thy wings & fly

Please stop asking me to be

the person you think you need me to be

look into my eyes

look into my soul

lying there in wait

is the person your mistake, stole

so surrender now

your need for me to please you so,

that I may now,


out of the shadows

little Bear x

to love

If my reach was so great

and my love was so powerful

unto you I would gift

a liquid so beautiful,

and radiance so soothing

purer than the whitest

of white,

driven snow

and with this elixir,

new seeds I would sow

and drench thee,

and scour and scrub

and wipe our minds clean

to leave in peace

from all that has burnt them.

Little bear x

hiding within

The risk in love

is to reveal one’s most vulnerable self

I am frail to the cause

But I practice my practices

And I do my best

Little bear x


Approach with scepticism, that which is of human making

Approach with adoration, that which is of divine creation

And humankind, remember this,

You are not the Creative Life Force of All that Is.

Little Bear x


Thro’ the fortunes of man

And the bravery of many

A wanton disgrace

Fighting for a penny

A pound

The cross

Mistaken and lost

The burden of man

He be his worst own enemy

Little bear x