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We Are All One

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your best bag of treasures

Your most valuable & invaluable possessions

Self confidence & sense of worth

A healthy heart

A sound mind

& your you

Little Bear x

the current

Life IS emotion

Be moved

Little Bear x


Moggie bear
I was not there
In your moment of need
How selfish I feel
By my own fear

To survive my own hurts
To scared to be pulled down
Holding, on to each dear breathe
Scared, I would drown

In sorrow and loss
And despair my dear friend
But you needed me,
I’m sick with remorse
Right to the end

And if I could go back
and rewrite that very last verse
I would do it in an instant
Without hesitation
No need to rehearse

I would carve out a tune
And in my own words
I would ask you to please stay
For your parting was to soon

And I would give anything to change it
My old friend
For no one should leave this world,
in pain
And not knowing the love
of a dear old friend.

I’m sorry Moggie bear.

Little bear x


Who are you Not to be
the most remarkable person
you ever can be
– not your ego or thought forms –
and imaginings of a capitalist world

But your heart and your soul
your own manifestation of greatness,
Your unique reflection
of God here on earth

Your duty in this life –
to let us all see,
your exquisite and ethereal
magnificence and true worth.

Little bear x


By the trials of life

You will be forged into being

So go into the mist

With your eyes wide open

For it is within the darkness

That you will find your salvation

And afterwards,

remembering always,

to give thanks for your blessings.

Little Bear x


And I would unfurl
on my very own cloud,
and beyond the four corners
of this pancake flat earth,
that we now know is round
drift away from a world
that frightens me, it being,
too divided and too proud

And in my dreaming
and walk-about tales,
from here to the moon,
I would set sail
on my hastily carved cloud
with silken torn sails
a warrior princess
and a bear called Toby
steering our dreamy little ship,
to where the west winds prevail.

And Toby decked out
in black captains hat
and tightly knit curls
he navigates our way
from here to the moon
floating, around the sun
torn sails, gleaming and a flutter
warming, my soul
seeing, the world from afar
pulsing energy,
unfurled, conjoined and un-bordered
and remembering,

We are all one.

Little bear x



Autumn leaves
do as you please
“Snow Falling on Cedars”
– I never could read –
twisted fate
brittle, cackle, laughter.

A cup of hot lemon
it smells sweeter
cut in the spring,
no more fire wood
gone now,
is the silence of winter.

Deep in the shallows
you waddle and totter,
chubby little arms and legs,
the air dances with your laughter;
a bonnet on your head
protected from the rays,
hot days drawn out
is our Australian summer.

Memories will spawn
a lifetime of stories ahead-
riding on the back of the car
long gravel drive,
frenzied sheep,
dusty haze,
running to open the gate,
after another.

Little Bear x


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ties that bind

Humanity is blood

Culture is water

Blood is thicker than water


Little bear x



My friend, my lover, my enemy, my foe…

What does it matter?

We’re on the same ship

It is sinking

Heave ho!


Little bear x



six degrees of separation

In Korea recently Kim Jong Un had his uncle summarily tried and executed. He had his uncle physically dragged out of a meeting, frog marched out of the building and subjected to a summary – one sided and without allowance for fair and proper due process – trial. Following which he was pronounced guilty and executed.


Literally shot.

We say politics, communism, shudder a little, and then go back to our lives and say “thank goodness we don’t live in a communist state”. Right?

But that denies the crux of the issue. Being that the truth and heart of the situation is power, psychology and emotions. Ordinary human emotions. Acting out a play in a certain context. In this instance a devastating context. But the sophisticated person will see and focus on the behavior, and not be distracted by the extreme context. And not say, that is so remote to me, I am aghast, but it is independent of my world. But rather will see the arbitrary conduct, the lack of fairness, the lack of justice. And will know and understand that behavior such as this can play out in our everyday lives, in western society, in any society. It plays out in our friendships, in our social lives and in our workplaces. Where one person’s or group of peoples personal urge to dominate, control, exclude, demean, judge and / or summarily “execute” can cultivate a social army of apathy, or at its worst hate, or exclusion or other manifestation of harmful or hurtful consequence.

These are not social questions or political questions. They sit outside the arbitrary and artificial constructs of society and politics, and reside as very real human questions. How are we functioning as human beings? And how can we do better?

Only when we can draw the link between grandiose manifestations of hatred and fear (think Hitler, Kim Jong Un, Idi Amin, Stalin etc) and everyday events of it, will human beings evolve. Only when humans can literally “see” this truth, will humans have developed the level of sophistication and awareness that is needed and required to advance. Granted, where to, I am not entirely sure (yet), but I would like to think it would be a world where kindness, fairness and comity is a practice, not an aspiration. This requires sophistication.

If anything, it is a sobering reminder that if one would be an advocate of human rights, if you or I would sign petitions and go on marches and “hold yourself out” as a humanitarian, then you must practice what you preach. In your everyday life. With your friends. With your colleagues. With your acquaintances. It’s a big call. It’s a big demand. But if you believe yourself to be great, then you have to resist the fearful crowd. Resist the pull. And sometimes that might mean standing up for something or someone that you believe in, or it might mean standing against a discernible wrong. Because let’s face it, pretty much everyone is worth believing in (and when I say pretty much, I mean everyone) and being given a fair go. We are all someone’s mother, daughter, sister, husband, wife, friend, lover…

And we are all one.